Laksh farms also offers a wide variety of activities you can indulge in during your stay here. You can do anything from morning hikes to enjoying a relaxed afternoon in a hammock, there is something for everyone.

For those who love to swim, we now host a swimming pool fully equipped with changing rooms and lounge chairs. The pool is 4.5 Ft at its deep end and 4 ft at its shallow end, thus relatively safe for children but adult supervision is still strictly mandatory.


The legendary but relatively unknown bunni forest is just around the corner. Surrounded by many myths this forest is an enchanting experience, take a safari through the forest and learn the many tales of this holy forest where villagers consider it a sin to harm the trees.


Learn to make butter, chaas, paneer from milk, something that will enable you to make these delicious products right at home.

Want to learn how to milk a cow? We offer a heartwarming experience of producing your own fresh batch of milk from scratch, under the guidance of our expert village elders.


Visit the unknown, hidden architectural surprises and temples around the area. For those with an eye for the odd, there are quite a few things to be discovered in this part of India.


If you are into games, we have everything from scrabble, pool, table-tennis to football to satiate your hunger for adrenalin, take your pick and take a shot.


For those not into adventure or activities there is the great rest & relaxation hanging loose amidst the mango trees in the farm, so let loose and take a nap or read a book, its upto your imagination.