When you choose to stay at Laksh you are supporting sustainability and promoting ecological responsibility. Our farm maintains a complex balance with the surrounding environment in simple ways that everyone can take back home.

Preserving local traditions & wisdom.

Laksh propagates an eco-friendly approach to the natural environment and farming methods by using vermi-composting and bio-waste management across the farm as well as working with the local village to promote sustainable approaches to development. A unique example of the restoration of a degraded eco-system.
"The Villagers don't waste anything, everything is re-used and - even a little bit of fabric is used to make rope. That is truly inspirational."~Ila Lumba, Founder

Recycling everything.

There is absolutely no wastage - even the kitchen waste & leftovers are composted, mixed with leaves, cow dung and put back into the soil to subsequently produce vegetables that taste like nothing you would have ever tasted before.
The Laksh Family
We discovered this land nearly 20 years ago and have worked since to repair the eco-balance that was damaged due to the rampant mining activities in this area. And now we love sharing our home with anyone who loves living with nature. We are always looking forward to meeting new people with new ideas for an eco-sustainable living, or just to share some laughter and a warm cup of tea. For all your queries about stay, tariffs, amenities, special packages or more, please contact Shiv Lumba at +91 98995 18754 or Ila Lumba at +91 88264 02147 or write to us at

Shakti Lumba

Shiv Lumba

Ila Lumba

"Laksh farms is a piece of heaven in the crater of earth" (Aman Nath)